Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Making Headbands For The Baby

Yesterday, my daughter came over and
we made headband for the baby.
This headband was something I found in the ribbon
isle at Joann's, it already had flowers on it.  My
daughter put a piece of velcro to hold it around
 her head because it is not a stretchy fabric.
Then she embellished it with some glitter brads and
 she covered the brads on the inside with a pieces of felt.

Giant Flower Headband
I took a flower apart that I bought at Joanns.
I sewed the button onto the flower.
Added a little hot glue to the stretchy band that I
found in the ribbon dept. of Joann's.
Sealed it good
Then hot glued the flower to the band
covering the place that the pieces were glued together. 
This band is stretchy.

Finished and too cute!!

Pre-made Flower Headband
I found these pre-made flowers
 in the scrapbook section at Michael's.
My daughter glued them to the band. 
 Using a sizzix die cut she cut rickrack and
another design out of felt and hot glued it on.
Here is the finished project.
We ended up with 13 headbands in all
and I made a felt flower wristband
with the leftover stretchy band.

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  1. She's such a cutie!! The headbands are cute too - sounds like your daughter takes after you with her craftiness. Can't believe you made 13!!!! Sounds like and Etsy shop in the making.