Thursday, April 21, 2011

From Motherhood to Grandmahood

Oh no!!!  Am I ready to be a grandma?  I thought to myself...I'm way to young to be a grandma...I'm only 49 and that's not old.  As I look in the mirror and I see white hair growing in around the hair color that I have put on my hair to make me look younger, wrinkles developing on my face that I can't stop with any kind of cream that I put on and what's up with that turkey neck thing and the little hairs on my chin???  Well, this is another season of my life.  The season that I will call "Grandmahood. 

I watched with delight as my daughter's belly grew.  Who was this little person growing inside her?  I got my first glimpse of her in an ultrasound session.  Her little heart beating so fast.  Then the baby shower and then the big day.  I was able to be by my daughter's side along with her husband as she laid in the hospital bed in labor.  My daughter and her husband vowed to do this thing naturally.  I remember holding my daughters hand and putting wet clothes on her forehead.  She worked for hours and hours and was not moving very quickly.  She was tired, weak and she was trembling.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I knew that she was done.  I explained that having a c-section was not the end of the world and this would all be over soon.  She agreed.  So when her husband came back in the room, I said "She's done, she wants a c-section."  I was asked if I wanted to be in the delivery room.  I, of course, agreed.  What an honor!!!  Little Amelia Jean was born with some minor complications but left the hospital doing well.

Well, little did I know, that this precious little child was about to change my life.  She brings such joy to my heart that I can't even explain.   I never get tired of seeing her smile or hearing that cute belly laugh.  She has her Nana and Pop-Pop wrapped good around her sweet little finger.

Amelia, her mom and I went on our first shopping trip together.  At 4 months old she was sitting in the cart holding on to the bar.  She looked so proud of herself.  And never fussed a bit.  We managed to find a few things for Amelia's Easter basket.  But I think I'm going to need a bigger basket.
Don't you just love Target


  1. I love this post! And all the pictures! :-)

  2. She's beautiful!! And I never would've guessed that you're a grandma. You're far too young and sassy :)

  3. so so cute. i wouldn't have known you were a grandma either until you mentioned it. :) What a blessing.

  4. Those do you not just eat her up! I too am blessed with a granddaughter(Kyra) thanks to my stepson Joseph...otherwise I'm FAR TOO YOUNG to be a grandma :-)
    Thanks for being the first to "post" on my blog!