Thursday, April 14, 2011

Making Paper Flowers

                                                Here is how to make this pretty paper flower.
                                           I used regular cardstock and used stampin' up punches.
                                                      I pierced a hole in each flower.
                                        I layered each flower from smallest to largest on a brad.
                                                  Then I used a recycled simple green bottle
                                                    with just clean water in it and sprayed it.
                                                          Gently lift each flower to the center.
                                                               Spray and Scrunch as you go along.

                                                                         Scrunch tightly.
                                                           Use a large plastic needle
                                                    to peel the layers back one at a time.
                                       Now you can mess with it to get it the way you want.
                                            And let dry.  You can add glitter if you like.  Enjoy!!


  1. These are so cute! I feel a trip to Michaels for the materials (stamps and brands) is in my future!!!!

  2. Great idea on the cupcake wars. Wish I had a bigger family to do battle with. And the card swap looks so fun...maybe I can join in next time?