Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Georgetown Cupcake

I could not resist a trip to Georgetown Cupcake in
Washington DC.
It was just about a 30 minute trip from where I was staying.

My future daughter in law agreed to take me but
didn't inform me until we got there that she wouldn't
be able to try any of the cupcakes because of her nut allergy.

Here was the cupcakes that they sold for the day that we went.
Everyday they have different cupcakes.

Pretty showcases.

Hard to make any choices.

Cute bag.

My future daughter in law and me.

Signature box.

I tried to get a variety that my boys and I could try.
I really enjoyed the gluten free one, it was the only
one with a ganache filling.

Thank you to my future daughter in law for taking me there.
Sad that you were not able to try any.

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