Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pierced To Clip Earrings

As I said to the store clerk who just informed me that all jewelry
was buy one get one half off.  "Why don't you sell clip earring"?   I
can't wear pierced my ears get infected.  She said to me "You can
make them yourself'.  I said "oh I don't want to go to all
that trouble".  She said just go to Michael's and buy the
clip earrings and as long as the earring have a loop
at the top you can change from pierced to clip.

So here I go.  Target had the necklace and earrings
in a package for $15.00

Here are the clips and the earrings out of the packages.

I removed the pierced part.  Can you see the loop?

Put the loop on the front of the clip earring.

Closed the loop on the earring with this tool. 
 I removed the pierced part of the earring
with this tool also.

Here is the end result! 
Can wait to make more!!

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