Friday, June 10, 2011

Ice Cream Cone Slider Card

Ice Cream Cone Slider Cards
I found this paper at Joanns. 
And used a craft cardstock color for the cone base.

These are the cards that I made for the card swap.

I used a Bigz L Petal Cone Sizzix diecut by Stampin up.
Cut one craft color

Cut one Cream color

Cut on pink color.

I use my cricut to cut the circles

I cut one 2 1/2" and one 3" circle.  This is all you
need for one card.  I was making two cards so I
cut pink and brown circles.

I folded the circles in half.
I used a Stampin Up scallop boarder punch.

Line it up and punch.

This is what they will look like.

Glue the flap and fold in half.

I used this cuttlebug embossing folder. 
Not sure of the name.

I ran it through the BigKick.

This is what it will look like.

Glue the larger scallop circle to the
front and back of the top of the cone.

Cut the cream petal cone in half and use the right
side for the card.  You can cut the tab off the left
piece and use it for another card.

Cut the pink petal cone in half and cut the top
off the left piece.

Glue the pink triangle onto cream card base
leaving a boarder to trim.

Trim both sides so card will slide into cone.

Use a scrap piece of paper 1/2" x 1" and glue
on the back of card.

Glue the smaller pink scallop circle to the top of the
card.  Make sure to cover the small tab. 
Trim the small tab
Place a thin piece of 1/2" wide mounting tape to the
top of the card.  You can use mini pop dots if
you have them.

Place the pink scallop on the top of the mounting
tape.  This is the front of your card. 
Trim any corners off the cream color to make it

Punch a 5/8" circle out of red for the cherry on top.

I used Stampin Up Close to Cocoa ink.
And Well Scriped clear rubber stamps for the
Happy Birthday Sentiment.

Slide the cards in the cone and your done.  Enjoy!!

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  1.'ve got all the professional tools. I think I'll go to Hallmark :o)