Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ireland Pub Food

Our first Irish Breakfast
at Bewleys. A cup of tea and
continental breakfast.

Fish and Chips and
Guinness and Beef Stew and Soda Bread
at Harry Lemons Pub.
This is the stew without the crust on top.

Another version of Guiness Beef Stew
at Murrays pub.

Steak sandwich at The Bank Pub
And a hamburger at The Bank Pub.

We went to a farm and had Irish soda bread
Irish stew with lamb
Scones with Jam and fresh cream

Chicken strips and
Sweet and Sour Chicken Wrap at Dom's Pub.

The Red Lounge in the Marriot.  Cobb Salad,
Barbeque pork sandwich

and chicken strips.

All of these meals were on our own and not a
part of the tour group that we were with.
We enjoyed it all!!

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